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“I was calling this my voluntary isolation painting ...since we were forced to stay home during the pandemic, this acrylic painting was probably done a month before I stopped adding detail to it! Re-visiting what I felt was one of my best paintings, Little Blue Cove, this piece was done from that very same place on Silver Lake, not far from home. The painting creates natural gradient of color from the blues in the water to the greens, yellows & reds to the soft pastel colors in the sky.” -Peter R. Gerbert

   “Return to Little Blue Cove” © Peter R. Gerbert

“Return to Little Blue Cove”  © 2023 Peter R. Gerbert
Tricolored Heron, Little Blue Heron

Acrylics on Gessobord with UVLS Satin Varnish       Original Painting 32 by 42 inches unframed, outside framing dimensions 40 by 50 inches        ORIGINAL PAINTING SOLD    $14,000    Open this link to see the framed Original Painting



Featured artist of the Florida Wildlife Federation since 1997; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of some of this artist's Limited Edition Prints, directly benefits conservation efforts in Florida.
Featured artist of Audubon Florida; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the canvas print “Just One Moment in Eternity” have benefited the society’s conservation efforts.

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