Peter R. Gerbert, Wildlife Artist

Original Painting Commission Work

1.) Recognition Reason for Potential Investment

2.) A Note from the Artist about Commission Work

3.) The Creative Process Working with Clients

4.) Price-range for Personal Commissioned Paintings

1.) Recognition
With growing statewide recognition in Florida and some international exposure, many of Peter R. Gerbert's fine art collectors consider his paintings to be a wonderful and promising investment in art. Peter R. Gerbert has been the Featured Artist of the Florida Wildlife Federation since 1997, with his unique Florida wildlife art reaching hugh audiences on signed limited prints, posters and the FWF's note cards, postcards & newsletters. Also a featured artist of Audubon Florida; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the canvas prints “Just One Moment in Eternity” &
The Spoonbill Lagoon have benefited the society’s conservation efforts. Peter R. Gerbert's works towards getting his art to appreciate in value. Some of this artist's recent highlights include:

  Artwork featured as full-pages in many of the Florida Wildlife Federation's Florida Fish & Wildlife News publications and as covers on the newer FFWN Magazine.
March through August 2020, the Coral Gables Museum established a Solo Exhibition featuring over forty of Peter R. Gerbert’s original acrylic paintings. The museum also coordinated Meet the Artist Events offering tours with the artist for museum members and visitors. Students participating in wildlife workshops received a coloring book highlighting detailed line drawings of Peter’s wildlife paintings.
The painting “Somewhere a Peaceable Kingdom” is featured on the cover of Audubon's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary annual magazine 2017.
Peter R. Gerbert's "Just One Moment in Eternity" is featured on the cover of the AUDUBON FLORIDA NATURALIST magazine, WINTER 2012 - 2013 .
10 /23 /10      Peter R. Gerbert receives a very special WILDLIFE ART OF THE YEAR AWARD from the AUDUBON FLORIDA for his paintingThe Spoonbill Lagoon,” the first time Audubon Florida recognizes any artist with this distinction. Prints of the painting are marketed through Audubon, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the group’s conservation efforts, including Roseate Spoonbill research projects.
Special Conservation Award from the Florida Wildlife Federation during their 70th Annual Conservation Awards Banquet & Benefit

Marketed internationally by Bits & Pieces, Inc.

Art exhibited at the Tampa Museum of Art.
Winner of countless art show awards.
Original paintings hang on permanent display in such locations as Disney's Celebration Hotel, the Osceola County Courthouse in Kissimmee, Florida and Bishop Lynch's Pastoral Center, in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Several of Peter R. Gerbert's paintings became patches for Boy Scouts of America, Florida Chapters.

2.) A Personal Note about being commissioned

Artist Peter R. Gerbert at work in his art studio


"Being hired to do a personal, original painting becomes a very enjoyable challenge for me. Working closely with my client(s) to decide on subject matter, size, and so forth, I'll work with them through my entire design process. My main focus is on native Florida wildlife and pristine landscapes. Extensive research takes me out into the natural world to closely observe wildlife. I always note the time of year, the weather, and observe what's growing in the particular wild place chosen for the background of each painting. Going by my pencil sketches, photography, HD video, direction of light and color balance studies, I will work and rework different designs until we (the investor and I) decide on the best composition and size.

Please watch my film, "The Creation Process" on the Short Films page; it will give you an in-depth look at what goes into my paintings, from my start out in the wilderness, to the completion of the painting on my easel." -Peter R. Gerbert


3.) The Creative Process (different from what you might experience with any other artist)

The artist usually comes up with many different, creative designs. Print-outs are provided: these are closely reviewed with the clients.



After concept and size is decided on, the artist spends a great amount of time in the field; studying the environment, looking for inspiration, taking photographs and taking notes.

Peter R. Gerbert comes up with many different, creative designs. Print-outs are provided, and these are closely reviewed with the clients. Shown here are collectors Doug & Beth Crayton, deciding which painting design would be the best one for them.

The painting begins from the chosen design. Beth is holding the print-out that was chosen, out of about seven that were created by the artist. The painting, now in progress, is behind her.

...Then comes many hours of painting, normally acrylics applied in layers with some prior build-up of texture. Eventually, and going by an estimated-date provided, the original is completed, varnished and framed!

"Florida Beachscapes -Plate 1" © Peter R. Gerbert

"Florida Beachscapes -Plate 1" © 2024 Peter R. Gerbert         Acrylics with 3-D Texture on Ampersand Textured-Claybord
Commissioned by Private Collectors, as noted above. 


4.) Current Original Painting Price Range

Original Painting 11" x 14" up to 18” x 24”    $2,500 to $5,000

Original Painting 18” x 24” up to 24” x 38”    $5,000 to $9,800

Large Original Painting requiring extensive research 24” x 38” up to 42” x 60”    $8,900 to $18,000

Prices include framing of the original by Florida Frames, Inc. in Largo, Florida. An Artist/Buyer Agreement will be furnished, to be signed by both parties with the artist requesting a 50% deposit with the balance due based upon the completion, framing and delivery of the original painting.


Treat yourself and decorate a wall in your home or office with a truly unique and timeless investment by this well-recognized wildlife artist.

Contact the artist today about commissioning him for an original, acrylic wildlife painting: email Or call the artist's studio for more information (352) 583-2614. The artist's availability is limited. Original painting commissions may be scheduled in advance.



Other paintings that were recently commissioned by private collectors include—

Firefly Skies   © 2024 Peter R. Gerbert         Acrylics     Made the cover of Florida Fish & Wildlife News  Summer 2019

“If Pelicans Could Whisper” White Pelicans © 2024 Peter R. Gerbert         Acrylics

“Springtime Sandhill Crane Colts” © 2024 Peter R. Gerbert         Acrylics -small original painting (pictured at right)

A New Home for a House Finch” © 2024 Peter R. Gerbert         Acrylics

Where Bobcats Prowl” © 2024 Peter R. Gerbert         Acrylics   —Bobcats with 9 other living creatures, hidden within the painting

The Tortoise Tunnel” Florida Gopher Tortoise © Peter R. Gerbert         Acrylics

“Local Branches -Plates I & II” Chickadees © Peter R. Gerbert         Acrylics -set of two small paintings (pictured at right)

“Lake of Silver & Gold,” “Blue-winged Tributary,” “Just a Little Blue” and “A Robin in Asters” © Peter R. Gerbert         Acrylics -two sets of two small paintings       

The Spoonbill Lagoon” © Peter R. Gerbert     Acrylics
Commissioned by Michael H. Sheridan (Board of Directors, Audubon Florida)

In Mom We Trust” © Peter R. Gerbert     Acrylics

Coastal Bliss” © Peter R. Gerbert     Acrylics

Rainbow Repairs” © Peter R. Gerbert     Acrylics

...and many others.





“Springtime Sandhill Crane Colts” © Peter R. Gerbert

“Springtime Sandhill Crane Colts” © 2024 Peter R. Gerbert
Commissioned by private collectors.
Private Art Collectors

"Local Branches -Plates I & II" © Peter R. Gerbert
"Local Branches -Plates I & II"   © 2024 Peter R. Gerbert    Two small paintings commissioned by a private collector.

For more accomplishments, please read the Artist's Biography, Complete Resume and the new Achievements page. Hire Peter R. Gerbert for a personal, original painting and enjoy a rewarding experience! Become involved in the creation of one of the artist's originals. A painting that will last you a lifetime, and then some.


"The Creative Process" Short Film by Peter R. Gerbert

Watch the film "The Creative Process" now playing on the movies page of this website!

Film running time: 9 minutes 8 seconds, filmed in WIDESCREEN 16:9

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