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   As seen on the cover of Florida Fish & Wildlife News  Summer 2019    Signed by the Artist only to 200, with 5 Artist Proofs

"Firefly Skies" © Peter R. Gerbert

“Firefly Skies”   © 2023 Peter R. Gerbert, Acrylics   Commissioned by a Private Collector
Florida Red Fox & Fireflies

"Firefly Skies"  Framed
Canvas Prints are the most artistic way to go; they're very crisp & vivid. No glass is required over the canvas. Our frame shop does an expert job packaging; your piece will arrive in mint condition. All orders are guaranteed.

“Fireflies, also known as Lightning Bugs, are not flies or bugs, they are actually beetles (order Coleoptera). The blinking light from a firefly comes from a chemical reaction called bioluminescence. They appear in my backyard every year in the Spring and they always fascinate me. Luckily, I was able to temporarily capture a few to be able to study their interesting detail, or I couldn’t have done this painting showing some of them up close!
My concept here is this inquisitive Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) runs into them and wonders about their luminescence... are they stars that have fallen to Earth?”

-Peter R. Gerbert

“Firefly Skies” Framed Canvas Print    Outside framing size approximately 19 by 25    $395
Ready to hang, pictured at left.

Canvas Print     Image size approximately 12 by 18    $155
No mats or glass required when framing. Requires stretching.

All prints are signed & numbered by the artist and will come with a Certificate of Endorsement by the FWF.
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Limited Edition Print will directly benefit conservation efforts in Florida.

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Featured artist of the Florida Wildlife Federation since 1997; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of some of this artist's Limited Edition Prints, directly benefits conservation efforts in Florida.
Featured artist of Audubon Florida; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of some canvas prints have benefited the society’s conservation efforts.

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