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 Articles & Stories from Geocities


Exploring Wild Florida   Join me as I forge my way into Florida's subtropical wilderness, boating and hiking and looking for animals and birds in some of the World's most delicate ecosystems.


Exploring Wild Florida -Part II   The continuing adventures of an artist with a true passion for adventure. ...the water churned into whirlpools of spherical designs, and the beast raised its huge head towards the surface...


Exploring Wild Florida -Part III   “The following is an amazing story that will take you on a journey deep into the heart of wild Florida following the path of a real, modern age explorer... ” introduction by Diane Hines, Vice President of Administration for the Florida Wildlife Federation.


The Ultimate Camping Packing List   Print this out and don't forget anything the next time you go camping!




 Offset Lithographs -Sold Out


Great Egret

"Brush With Nature" SOLD OUT
"Another Lonely Aquatic Afternoon" SOLD OUT

Great Blue Herons


"The Heron Crossing" SOLD OUT


Researching in the Croom Wildlife Management Area, Florida (1993)


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