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    “A detailed study of the coral reefs and marine-life found in the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary near Big Pine Key... I can't say that I've seen very many tropical fish paintings that I've actually liked; usually eye-popping eye-candy with way too many fish. I wanted this painting to represent the incredible underwater landscape, the way it unfolded before me. The ceiling thirty feet up, is the ceiling of the ocean. This design was developed completely from my HD video that I shot on several charter-dives; I was able to pull very clear stills from the video on my computer. There was so much to look at down there; examining the stills I discovered marine-life that I did not see while I was down there. Like the Seahorse that you may, or may not be able to see in this image! Over four months from start to finish; including the research -scuba diving trips required, design-work, sculpting, painting & varnishing.”    -Peter R. Gerbert

“Coral Reefscapes -Plate 1” © Peter R. Gerbert, Florida Wildlife Art

© 2023 Peter R. Gerbert

Acrylics on custom thickness ¼” Ampersand Gessobord with sculpted 3-D Texture & thick UVLS Varnish      Original Painting image size 16 by 40 inches, 27 by 51 inches framed      Original Painting SOLD               $18,000

Please read the artist's detailed notes, above. More notes below!

Marine-life included in this painting: Midnight Parrotfish, Stoplight Parrotfish, Blue-headed Wrasse, Spotfin Butterflyfish, Blue Tang, Yellowtail Snapper, Sergeant Majors, Blueheads, Longsnout Seahorse and Yellowhead Jawfish.
Included in the coral structures are many beautiful soft corals, including: the Sea Fan, Slit-pore Sea Rod, Finger Coral, Pillar Coral, Boulder Star Coral, and much more...
Approximate depth of this painting: 30 feet.
With thick-layers of gesso and textured molding-paste to add three-dimensional depth, the artist's current goal is to go beyond photo-realism and actually capture realism: giving the viewer the impression that they might be able to visually enter the painting.

"Another World Beneath -Part 1"  A Short Film by Peter R. Gerbert

Make sure your speakers are cranked up, and dive into the complete creation process of "Coral Reefscapes -Plate 1" in the new short film "Another World Beneath -Part 1"

...partake in a scuba-diving trip with the artist, sit next to him as designs are created on his computer, watch over his shoulder in the art studio as this dynamic painting is built-up with 3-D texture and then painted, over a period of almost four months

...on the movies page of this website!

Film running time: 8 minutes, 15 seconds, HD WIDESCREEN 16:9, 5.1 Stereo Sound

Large Canvas Reproduction, signed & numbered by the artist only to one-hundred, image size approximately 13 ½ by 33 inches  $250 each  Follow this link for ordering information


Perfect companion print: “Florida Beachscapes -Plate 1Can be hung above and below each other, or side by side: creating the impressive look of going from shoreline to under the sea...

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